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III Cycle - Polytechnic

Doctoral study Polytechnic - Field of Civil Engineering

List of compulsory and elective courses in the field of Construction:

Number: Required courses:
1. Scientific research methodology
2. Modern methods of mathematical modeling in engineering
3. Finite element method
4. Special chapters in the stability and dynamics of structures

Direction: Geotechnics
Number: Elective courses:
1. Mechanical behavior of soil
2. Rock engineering
3. Subjects from other fields

Direction: Building materials
Number: Elective courses:
1. Composite building materials
2. Material optimization in the field of energy efficiency
3. Subjects from other fields

Direction: Hydraulic Engineering
Number: Elective courses:
1. Water management
2. Modern methods of water supply system management
3. Subjects from other fields

Direction: Engineering Structures
Number: Elective courses:
1. Modern methods of calculation of reinforced concrete structures
2. Safety construction of extreme actions
3. A modern approach to the durability of structures
4. Selected chapters of wooden and metal constructions

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