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Enrollment procedure

All interested candidates who have completed a four-year high school can apply for enrollment in the first year of the first cycle of studies. The application can be made immediately after the announcement of the Competition for enrollment at the faculties announced by the University "Džemal Bijedić" in Mostar.

Admitted candidates - full-time students for enrollment in the first year of study are required to submit the following documentation:

  • Registration form - index and registration list (purchased in the Rectorate building)
  • Medical certificate (issued by the appropriate health institution, can also be in the place of residence)
  • Two photos (4x6 cm only)
  • Payment slip for the first installment of tuition fees in the amount of 200.00 KM to the bank account of the Faculty number: 1610000000290419 , Raiffeisen bank, recipient Faculty of Civil Engineering Mostar
  • Payment slip of 40.00 KM (library, student union and maintenance of the building and inventory) to the bank account of the University number: 1610200000290031 , Raiffeisen bank, recipient "University" Džemal Bijedić "in Mostar"

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The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Mostar offers the possibility of enrollment in two directions of the first cycle and two directions of the second cycle of studies

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