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Ways of studying

At the Faculty of Civil Engineering, candidates can enroll as:

  • Full-time students
  • Full-time self-funded students
  • Part-time students

Full-time students have the status of students who study according to a program based on a full teaching schedule. Attendance at all types of classes is mandatory, on which records are kept on the basis of which the student, after completing the semester, receives a signature from the subject teacher, provided that he has attended at least 70% of the fund of teaching hours.

Part-time students attend the study program with work or other activity. The faculty is obliged to organize classes for part-time students, at least one school hour per month per subject, using modern distance learning tools. The part-time student must perform all other obligations provided by the curriculum.

By applying to eUNMO, all students access the following system modules:

  • Own user profile (student information, profile, image, access data, etc.)
  • Teaching materials (text and multimedia documents in electronic format)
  • Student service (exam registration, certificate requests, notices, etc.)
  • Records (class attendance, set papers, success, etc.)

All students, regardless of status, have the obligation to take exams at the Faculty in order to access the final knowledge test in controlled conditions.

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The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Mostar offers the possibility of enrollment in two directions of the first cycle and two directions of the second cycle of studies

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